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SoSuperSam gives us the 411 on 143

“1-4-3 means I love you”

What started off as a untangible idea between friends is now one of the hottest parties held every last Wednesday in L.A. at Los Globos with everybody who’s somebody lining down the block to get in. A night with all things slow jams, love songs, classic and future R&B? This my type of party. [insert Dom Kennedy voice] I had the chance to chat with one of 143‘s founders and resident DJ, Sosupersam.

Riana: Give us the back story on your party 143. How did it come into fruition?
Sosupersam: I have a couple of DJ pals who for years my running dialogue with them was about being able to play slow jams super loud and out of the bedroom. One day a couple of years ago, a new bar in korea town asked me to come on board as resident DJ, but gave me a long list of music restrictions — no rap, no house, not too hype, etc. It seemed like a major challenge at first, and then I saw it as this golden opportunity to put our slow jams idea into play.

Coming up with party names can be difficult. How did you finally decide that 143 was the one? Was it a unanimous decision?
We threw around several ideas, some were Martin Lawrence references, some were just plain dumb. 143 stuck out because it was very symbolic of the time that I really started loving R&B music, back when we all had pagers and were making slow jams mixtapes. 143 is the age-old pager code for “I Love You,” it was short, catchy, a little obscure if you’re not familiar with the reference, and pretty much a unanimous vote.

Tell us who is on the 143 team and what role they play.
143 was founded by myself, Ken (siik), and Cody (partytime). We all DJ every party, and then beyond that we each have our roles. For example, Ken is our visual mastermind. He’s an insane motion graphic artist by trade, he executes all of the visual aesthetic, from fliers to merch, and keeps our branding tight. We keep the extended crew tight as well. My boyfriend, my sister, and her boyfriend all make the party happen: from stage managing, running the door, emailing newsletters. We’re literally family.

Your night is known for having a crazy long line out the door even past 1am. Was there anyone in particular that came through the party that you didn’t expect at all?
Definitely had a starstruck moment when Nick Catchdubs and Nina Las Vegas came. I have so much respect for both of them, it was an honor for them to be there.

143 just celebrated two years with special guest Jon B. What’s in the future for you guys?
Our LA party is so fun, and this year we’ve started to do secret performances like Sisqo and Jon B. Look for more of that! Outside of LA, we’re starting to travel more. We’ve had the honor of doing 143 in New York, Seattle, Honolulu, San Diego. I’d love to hit Miami, Chicago, SF, Atlanta, and take 143 internationally too. I would love to partner with my favorite parties like The Do Over, Peach Fuzz in Miami, Electric Punanny in New York. We are looking into brand collaborations as well. It’s been 2 years, and we’re just getting started!

Photo by Joshua Zucker

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