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The Heatery

The Heatery

Interview: Zen Yoshifuku
Text/Image: Mark Kushimi

Laelzbeatz feat. Tolua
Producer: Laelzbeats
Vocals: Tolua
Recording/Mixing: The Heatery

Being a perfectionist can lead to an irritable existence, but not for easygoing Dean Song (Kause) owner/operator of The Heatery recording studio. Striving for the ideal is routine. When it comes to recording and mixing a track for a client, Kause continues to refine until the best possible sound is achieved. The word's on the street and musicians are aware of his inclination. The Heatery is always on point.

Contrast: First off what would your title be?
Kause: Recording/Mixing Engineer/Producer/DJ

What's your music roots like?
My music roots probably go back to my dad. He was a bad-ass saxophone player. I got pictures from when I was 3 years old dancing to his band... some funny shit.

So what did you listen to growing up?
I listened to a lot of punk, hip hop, reggae and hardcore.

You started The Heatery in 2007, what's your objective?
The main objective of The Heatery is to get the absolute best recordings and mixes for my clients. When I'm working on projects, I put in a lot of time and effort into it. I'm a real perfectionist when it comes to my work; no matter how good it sounds, I'm always trying to think of ways to make it sound even better. I also want The Heatery to be a place of creativity for both clients and myself.

How did you get into making music?
I've always had a passion for music. When I was in high school, I was in a hardcore band called "The Goodfellas." We opened up for a bunch of acts; the ones I can remember off the top of my head were Unwritten Law, Eleven Thirty Four and Strife. We eventually went our separate ways, but still remain close friends. I then got really into electronic music and started dj-ing. I have now been dj-ing for 11 years, and got into music production in 2001.

Who were your first inspirations to make music?
They would probably be all the big name dj's/producers that would come to Hawaii to play at events/raves. To me, it seemed like the life... you write a killer tune, get it signed to a label, then travel around the world to play shows. Can't go wrong with that.

What is a normal work day for you like?
Big cup of coffee then work on a client mix or my own. If I have a recording session that night, I usually set up everything an hour or two before my client comes in to record. I also try to squeeze in some time for composing some of my own music. That's pretty much a typical work day for me.

If you had to place yourself into a genre, what would that be?
It's hard to say one specific genre because now days I write all kinds of music. Hip hop, house, IDM, drum and bass, 80's and electro.

Did you study music? Any formal training?
I graduated with a Recording Engineering Degree from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California.

How was the life in the mainland?
It was a great experience... so much stuff going on in Hollywood. I was busy most of the time attending school and doing projects and homework. I also Interned at Radio Recorders and Snoop Doggs personal studio. When I did have spare time, it was always fun going to concerts and shows. It's pretty much the mecca for music, and there is so much inspiration living there.

Compare the music scene in Hawaii and the mainland?
The music scene is definitely bigger in the Mainland, just because there is way more shows and acts there. There are also way more venues to go to. Hawaii has a tight music scene too, just not as big and accessible as compared to the Mainland.

Accomplishments in music?
Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2 (Konami)
Dance Dance Revolution Ultra Mix 2 (Konami)
Icons the Movie (Surf video)
Untitled Volume 3 (Surf video)

Future projects coming up?
The new Dance Dance Revolution
My album/EP
All upcoming client projects

My fiance Cassy, The Heatery clients, Mark, O6, Angry Woebots, Konception, Diode, Laelz Beats, Haboh, Ara, Barak, Noah, the Sunday night Poker crew, In4mation, Kicks and of course, Contrast Magazine.


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