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graves EP “hilo”


Contrast favorite graves has been on fire 🔥. He’s best known for working with Kanye, yet he’s been making his own path touring nationwide and he just came out with an ep “hilo” which is at #1 on the iTunes electronic album charts. I texted him to see what’s up.

Lancifer: So what was behind calling it hilo? I was playing it for my friend from hilo yesterday and he said the kona guys are going be pissed.

Graves: I wasn’t really looking to name this ep a hawaiian name but my manager came up with it once. I told him I wanted something representing the moon and youth.

Deep brah deep. I listened to it yesterday. Super tight dude. Where did u work on it and what kind of inspiration did u find for it

I wrote the demos while I was on tour in 2016, I got home in early 2017 and really went in on the whole project, spent the last 6 months off of tour writing, producing, mixing, mastering the hilo ep.

So u got your inspo for the album from touring?

If u listen to the album it doesn’t have too many electronic elements like my past records. Its more avant garden hiphop type stuff with some dance elements still worked in it.

Grimes has a song called genesis. What do u think about it?

That is insane I guess we both gravitated toward titles & artist names beginning with g.

Great minds must think alike. U been touring a lot. So do u still cover your cute face?

No I don’t take pictures these days I just hide.

Mr. Incognito. Fav track on the album?
Fav track has to be blame on the ep. the track is a weird slow one compared to what people know me for, I love stepping out of my comfort zone these days when I’m writing, I feel like thats how you discover new waves to ride.

Ride that wave boy. Did u write the songs too?

I wrote the music and worked with the song writers who wrote the lyrics.

How old is your kid and has he heard your album?

He hasn’t heard the album yet he’s 8

What do u want people to take away after listening to “hilo”? ….Long pause

Just found out Hilo is #1 on iTunes albums electronic.
Dang on top LCD. So how do u feel, do you have a chubby Rn?



Well congrats babe. How are u going to celebrate?

Write more music.