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Aquatography Workshops by Zak Noyle this weekend

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Saturday, May 10, 1-5 p.m.
Open to the public
Location: University of Hawai’i at the HIG 110 Auditorium
(Hawaii Institute of Geophysics)
Guest speakers:
Genaro Arroyo from Canon USA
Sean LaBrie from SPL Waterhousings
Kaiwi Berry from City & County Jr. Lifeguards North Shore
Zak Noyle, photographer
Jeff Hall from A-Frame Media
Tony Heff from FreeSurf Magazine
Ric Noyle, Commercial Photographer

Sunday, May 11, 8 a.m.-1 p.m
Location: Sandy Beach, Oahu

For more information: Aquatographyworkshops. com

#HMLovesHawaii by benefitting AccesSurf through sale of surf photography tees

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Zak Noyle

H & M, Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M), one of the world’s largest retailers known for offering fashion-forward apparel and quality basics, is excited to celebrate its arrival in Hawaii and the debut of its new location in the heart of Waikiki. H&M was established in Sweden in 1947. Today there are 310 stores in the United States and more than 3,100 H&M stores in 53 markets worldwide. H&M will unveil a one-of-a-kind installation featuring artworks of renowned local surf photographers Mike Coots, Sarah Lee and Zak Noyle.

Mike Coots

On opening day, March 27, H&M will offer the first 500 shoppers in line a limited-edition tote bag capturing the local surf photographers’ most popular shots. These first 500 will also receive an Access to Fashion Pass valued from $10 to $500. There will be other fantastic opening offers starting at $5.

Sarah Lee

Joining H&M in celebrating its Honolulu opening is AccesSurf, a non-profit organization that provides surfing instruction and therapeutic educational programs on water recreation for people with disabilities. AccesSurf enriches lives by assisting families with access to the beach and the ocean in a barrier-free environment. H&M will provide AccesSurf with a grant to support its programs and will also donate 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of an exclusive, limited-edition H&M t-shirt featuring the local surf photographers’ images to the organization.

Sandy Beach Perspectives by Zak Noyle and Friends

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Images by Joseph Abad

Canon U.S.A. tapped Surfer Magazine staff photographer Zak Noyle (Contrast #09) to showcase his images in their gallery on Ward Avenue. Instead of just showing his photos, Zak held an Instagram contest and selected a several different photographers and their shots of Sandy Beach that was tagged #NoyleSandyBeach to be in the exhibit with him. Zak first started shooting at Sandy Beach and the Honolulu-native wanted to include his homebreak and community with him at the Canon U.S.A. exhibition. Checkout the images below from the opening ceremony last week Friday.

#IncreaseTheAloha Stussy x KICKS/HI x Zak Noyle

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

On Friday, Sept. 22 was the launch of Stussy, KICKS/HI and photographer Zak Noyle’s capsule collaboration featuring Noyle’s amazing photography at Stussy’s Honolulu Chapter. The location became quickly filled with surfers, DJ’s, photographers, all there to support and #IncreaseTheAloha.

You ain’t ’bout dat life, Ryan Lau

2 of 3

From tequila with li-hing mui, Red Bull, and Waiola Coconut Water, which do I choose?

Daniel Ikaika Ito repping Wailoa with a big smile, of course, naturally untouched.

Nao couldn’t decide if he wanted more li-hing mui in his beverage.

The man of the hour, Zak Noyle and Ezekiel Lau

Zen, Zak and Ito

Noyle’s stories were just as breathtaking as the images.

Humans and canines gathering to support.

Noyle talking story


Kicks/HI’s Chris Kam talks about Zak Noyle, Stussy and the surf industry

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Most party people know Chris Kam as DJ Delve, music maestro of Manifest’s weekly Thursday night party, The Get Right. Or, they may have seen the 36-year-old at his three-fold day job as the art director/general manager/buyer for street wear boutique, Kicks Hawai’i. What many don’t know is that Chris worked in the surf industry for 10 years as a graphic designer for Hawaiian Island Creations. Contrast went to the Kicks shop to chop it up with Chris about the Kicks/HI x Stussy Honolulu x Zak Noyle capsule, which releases this weekend, but we actually got to hear a lot more about Chris’ views on surfing, the aloha spirit, Friday night’s event at Stussy and why he can’t pick a favorite piece from the Zak Noyle collaboration.

Daniel: Why did you guys want to work with Zak Noyle for this collaboration with Stussy Honolulu and Kicks Hawaii?

Chris Kam: We wanted to work with Zak for a while—him and his boy, Anthony, used to come to the [Kicks/HI] shop from when they were like, 13, 14 maybe, when we were still in the original shop upstairs. From that, we’ve seen [Zak] come in over the years then watched his art form grow. We always try to look for ways to partner with the right people in Hawai’i. We like local boys doing good—just artists in general from Hawai’i that are doing good for themselves and Hawai’i so this [Kicks/HI and Stussy Honolulu collab] came up and it made sense. Stussy was really willing to work with us on this one, offering us the multiple shirt option, the caps and the water bottle. It was egoing to be an even bigger pack, but we just didn’t have time to put it all together. We were trying to do a whole beach pack with a duffel bag, a towel and a full-blown kit, but time constraints and we wanted to launch it this year. As it was, it worked out really well.

What most impresses you about how far Zak Noyle has taken his surf photography?

I think—number one for me—is that he’s humble about it still. He takes these unreal shots, but he’s still a really approachable guy. He’s not a jerk or obnoxious about his craft. He answers questions about everything: real honest. That appeals to me. I like people who are just themselves and are not pretentious, which was really important. Just the way he sets up shots is really good. He has an eye for it. It’s not just a shot of a wave. I can tell he’s thinking about the angle and where he posts up in the barrel […] if he’s shooting for[Surfer] magazine he’s not just shooting the surfer or for the magazine, he’s also shooting for the audience.

You know what a mental surf shot looks like because you used to work in the surf industry at, huh?

I worked for over 10 years at HIC. I would say almost eight years in the art department. I helped develop logos for a lot of the team riders. I did some of Andy Irons graphic work. I did Koa’s [Cazimero] first logo. I did Da Braddahs logo. I helped with the Bu Lai’a campaign. Between me and my friend, Tyson [Miyahara], we did the bulk of the t-shirt designs, all the windows for all the stores, boardshort design and a ton of other stuff.

That’s rad! What’s your favorite piece in the Stussy Honolulu x Kicks Hawai’i x Zak Noyle capsule?

I think overall I like everything about it. It’s really natural. What we try to do with Kicks/HI and our collaboration projects is to do things that feel organic and nothing forced. This whole [capsule] to me is really natural. I can’t pick out one thing I like about it because as a whole it’s just amazing.

How does it feel to work with big companies, like Stussy, whose gear you rocked as a grom?

As a local boy, growing up you never thought you were ever going to work with a brand you wore as a kid—that’s incredible! It doesn’t cease to blow my mind every time I get to work with brands like Vans, Stussy, Nike or something like that.

Who was responsible for the “Increase the Aloha” tagline?

Because we’re doing this capsule with Stussy, that’s something that the Stussy Honolulu chapter is trying to jump off with. Talking with the guys at Stussy, this was [Kicks/HI’s] way of helping them push the project, but also push that idea/tagline they have for themselves in a way that benefits both of us and Hawai’i in general. You never can have too much “Aloha.” (laughs) There’s nothing like: “ho brah, this guy has too much Aloha.” Who says that? You know? Aloha spirit is something that needs to be perpetuated and any way we can bring that forward, whether it be a t-shirt, cap or something like that is great.

What can peeps expect from Friday night’s slide show and talk story with Zak?

What I hope they benefit from is to hear Zak talk about how he sets up a shot because if you look at any surf shot from any photographer and it’s a massive wave and it’s a barrel shot you don’t ever think of putting yourself in that situation. Try treading water for an hour. Then try doing with a camera in a water-housing. Then try doing it in 6- to 8-foot surf on the North Shore. Then setting up the shot so the horizon isn’t crooked or whatever. It’s something that’s really unique, and I think his insight will be valuable to people because you see a nice photo and you don’t always have access to the photographer.

Zak Noyle for Kicks/HI x Stussy HNL

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Surf photographer Zak Noyle collaborated with Kicks/HI and Stussy HNL for this capsule, which launches on Saturday, Sept. 22 at Stussy Honolulu. A slide show followed by a talk story with the Surfer Magazine staff photog is also going down the night before, Friday from 7-9 pm at Stussy Honolulu with beverages provided  by Waiola and Cazadores. Cruise by, Honolulu and tourists. Here are select images from the look book shot by the man himself, Zak Noyle, at Waimea Bay.

Schools Out

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Come down to Summerfun this Saturday at Nextdoor. Dj sets, fresh visuals, beach toys and special surprises. Live performance

By Alt/Air

Photos by Zak Noyle
Billy Kemper, Pipeline, Wave of the winter
Christian Redongo, Tahiti, 2011 Photo of the year
Have fun because it’s always summer in Hawaii

Zak Noyle and Billy Kemper Win Steep and Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge In Memory of Sion Milosky

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Zak Noyle and Billy Kemper embodied the spirit of the late-great Sion Milosky with a single image from the Banzai Pipeline, winning the inaugural Steep and Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge. This contest awarded the surfer and photographer who captured the biggest, steepest Pipeline barrel from the 2011-12 winter season. Honolulu’s Zak Noyle, 26, who is a staff photographer for Surfer Magazine, and Billy Kemper, 22, nailed two epic images from Pipeline this winter, both were nominated in the seven finalists of the photo challenge.

“Zak Noyle is one of my really good friends so I try to shoot with him as much as possible,” says Kemper, who won the Live Like Sion editorial ad, bragging rights, prizes and the winning photo framed in custom koa. “Noyle is the man. In the last few years he has become one of the best water photographers at Pipe. He puts himself in some crazy places to get what he gets done.

“The prize money is amazing, but that was the last thing I was thinking about with the [Steep and Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge], this is all for the love and passion in honor of our friend, Sion Milosky, and surfing Pipeline,” explains Kemper.

Sion Milosky, who tragically passed away while surfing Mavericks in 2011, was a big wave surfer, Pipeline master and inspirational person for the way he skillfully charged and negotiated giant waves and the Banzai Pipeline. Much like Kemper’s sentiments, Noyle also considered Sion as an honorable and inspiring human being in the way he lived his life, as a father and friend.

“Sion never had to tell anyone how to be a good person, he just was one and everyone around him could see how he cared for and interacted with his children and wife: A true role model,” says Noyle, who won $1000, editorial photo and custom framed image of the winning wave.

“The prize money is awesome to have been able to be pulled together and I am so thankful, but I did this contest in memory of Sion and for the love that he had for all, and I wish to donate 100% of the money to The Milosky family. Sion was a man who loved big waves, Pipeline and getting barreled as steep and deep as possible, the only thing that he loved more than that was his family. This is how one Lives Like Sion.”

“Sion’s approach was raw, it was all for the love,” explains Kemper. “Sion didn’t surf Pipe for the shot or the attention, he surfed out there and did what he did for himself, he loved what he did and he did it amazingly. Sion gave me so much inspiration to just go out and have fun, no limits, all good vibes. He surfed steeper and deeper than anyone!”

“Sion straight up surfed Pipeline for the love of it, the fame and exposure just followed him, he never chased it,” explains Noyle. “One of my greatest memories of Sion was when we would have a great day out at Pipeline big waves beautiful day all around.  And we would be sitting on the Oakley team porch at sunset going through the photos on my camera, and he was stoked on his photos, but even more stoked on his friends getting great photos, just genuinely happy that his friends had great waves. That was just his nature very selfless and caring of others.”

Needless to say, we are looking forward to next year’s event.

Learn more at http://www.LiveLikeSion.com Aloha!

Zak Noyle through my eyes

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

The Noyles

Packed House

Oh ya he won photo of the year from surfer magazine too. Yeah boy

U are the man


Double Team

Zak’s video on the wall

I think people liked it

I know Kekoa did

Aloha Stadium.

Congratulations Zak! u killing it dog.

Zak Noyle Showcases Top Images From North Shore Surf Season at Manifest Tomorrow Night

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

On the First Friday of 2012, Big Wave Surf photographer Zak Noyle will be showcasing his compelling images from the recent 2011 North Shore surf season in the Red Bull Through My Eyes photo gallery at The Manifest. There will also be a screening of Red Bull Momentum, a short profile film on the life of Zak Noyle. Red Bull Momentum explores the underlying factors that provide motivation in the lives of the very best figures in extreme sports and witnesses the combined impulses that drive these remarkable individuals to the limits.

An outdoor photographer with a truly unique perspective on surf and sea, Zak Noyle is based on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Zak spends countless hours in the water, creating dramatic imagery and artful interpretations of the world’s most magnificent ocean environment. He is the only photographer allowed in the line-up of the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational and is a veteran at shooting Pipeline. Zak is currently the Senior Staff Photographer for Surfer Magazine.