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The Gnarly Nomads win inaugural Red Bull Party Wave

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

The Gnarly Nomads took their Oregon Trail themed covered wagon craft into the great Pacific Ocean, battled their way through the waves and claimed victory at the first-ever Red Bull Party Wave at the iconic Queen’s Beach.  

With a total of eight teams competing and more then 5,000 onlookers checking out the action, The Gnarly Nomads made Lewis and Clark proud by earning a total score of 73 out of 90 points. The Gnarly Nomads constructed their craft out of plywood, PVC pipes and carved homemade wooden paddles. Taking just a week to build and never-before testing their craft on the water, their vessel had no problem stoking a few great waves, while other teams, such as Maui-based Team Unsinkable with a Titanic theme, did not get so lucky and did in fact sink their craft. All students at the University of Hawaii, The Gnarly Nomads brought their trades from all over the world, with origins stemming from Italy, Brazil, New York, Los Angeles, Florida and Michigan.

Team Extreme, with extreme stuntmen and watermen, took second place with a total score of 70 and Team HH Surf Castaways, made up of HH Surf School employees, claimed third place with 68 points.

Inaugural Red Bull Party Wave accepting applications till May 23

Monday, May 5th, 2014

On July 13th, an event fueled by fun, courage, and a little bit of madness will debut in the Hawaiian Islands at the birthplace of modern surfing, Waikiki Beach. Red Bull Party Wave is a surf competition that will challenge teams to create, build, and then collectively surf on a man-made craft, not to mention they’ll have to be in costume and perform a skit on the beach as well. Red Bull is on the hunt for the most ingenious, innovative, and downright wacky surfing crafts and team themes to ride this wave. Approximately 20 teams will be selected to compete in this first-of-its-kind clash.

Ever wanted to share the stoke of riding a wave in Hawai‘i with three of your best friends, all while being cheered on by hundreds of Summertime beachgoers? Well, Red Bull Party Wave is calling! Teams can enter their engineering marvels and crazy concepts with a formal application found at www.redbull.com/PartyWave. Teams will need more than just courage to claim victory in these South Shore swells, as they will be judged on three criteria: craft creativity, team showmanship, and wave performance. So, make it float…and make it fun! Previous Red Bull events have proven the most outlandish crafts are typically the big winners, so put on your creativity caps and let loose.

Each surfing craft must be propelled by manpower and imagination, which means no stored power external energy sources allowed (including sails). Paddles and fins are fair game. And size does matter! A minimum of four team members must be on the board at all times, from paddle-out to kick-out. All materials must be eco-friendly and must float. All riders must be at least 18 years old, but shapers, builders, and engineers of all ages are welcome to be part of the four-to-six person team.

Red Bull Party Wave will be a featured event during the 3rd Annual Aloha Boardshop Honolulu Fish Fry. The iconic Waikiki surf break known as Queen’s Beach will serve as the venue for the festivities Sunday, July 13, 2014. For more information and to apply, visit www.redbull.com/PartyWave.


Saturday, April 26th, 2014

Tonight! The Greenroom Hawaii opens it’s second location inside the Sheraton Waikiki. Check out the new space, new art and some drinks and food. Congratulations Greenroom Hawaii! Always doing cool shit.

Aloha Boardshop Fish Fry

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

This past weekend at Queens in Waikiki, Contrast Magazine participated in the 2nd Aloha Boardshop Fish Fry surf contest. This unique, backyard-style surf contest featured 26 teams participating on fish style surfboards provided by Aloha Boardshop. Over 20 different surfboard shapers made boards that were either quad or twin fins with funky outlines. Contestants pulled a number out of a bowl before each heat and rode the corresponding numbered board. Fun! Each team surfed together during their heats, surfing once on Saturday and once on Sunday. The top three teams with the highest heat totals advanced to the finals and got to surf a third heat on Sunday afternoon. After the first two rounds, Team Contrast (Editor Daniel Ikaika Ito, Publisher Race Skelton, contributors Jun Jo and Grant Ramey) placed 2nd and advanced to finals. In the finals, they finished 2nd again for a 2nd overall finish.

“The combination of the unique format of riding weird boards, surfing Queens together with your friends (team) and the laidback atmosphere made for a great contest experience. Surfing as a team was awesome because you got to cheer each other on, figure out who needed scores and scream like a grom as your friend surfed past you. The scene on the beach was like a party, with lots of trash talking, lots of jokes and lots of high-fives. Very special thank you to Aloha Boardshop for putting on such a fun event, we’ll be back next year aiming for the win!” -Race, Team Contrast

Team Contrast (Grant, Daniel, Jun & Race). Photo @MP_LEE

Somebody bottom turning in a yellow jersey back there.

Team Contrast MVP Jun Jo, tearing one on a Robin Johnson shape.

Congratulations to Team Sera’s Surf taking home 1st place! They had the best waves of the day during their final heat and capitalized with barrels and groovy turns. Photo @MP_LEE

Team Contrast! Stoked with their 2nd place trophies! Photo @MP_LEE

Aloha Boardshop Honolulu Fish Fry presented by Oxbow this weekend

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Aloha Boardshop’s Honolulu Fish Fry, presented by Oxbow, is going off this weekend at Kuhio Beach, Waikiki (Queens). This contest will showcase the classic “fish tail” surf board. All contestants will be required to compete on a fish surfboard provided by Aloha Boardshop and donated by local top custom surfboard shapers from
around the island. Contestants will draw “raffle style” from a “fish board” bowl to determine their designated ride for each heat. The ALOHA BOARDSHOP HONOLULU FISH FRY 2011 PRESENTED BY OXBOW is a celebration of the basic human drive to create. ABS wishes to shine a light on the artisans that sculpt out of nothing
an artifact, which allows the surfer to express themselves on the waves we slide. Surfing is an artistic pursuit no matter what logos are stickered on the board or in what venue these spontaneous acts take place. Beauty is a subjective thing but all surfers would agree that surfing is a creative, albeit not always conscious, interaction with nature and the energy of life itself. As a tribe, surfers are dedicated to the fleeting feeling of moment-to-moment creativity that then evaporates as the wave breaks and recedes.The shaper is the wizard that conjures from the multitudes a singular idea that becomes a shape, which we then attempt to honor by drawing beauty from a breaking wave. Surfers have to recognize the sculptors of these wave sleds. Without our amazing shapers and their dedication to the art of building surfsticks surfing as we know it dies and becomes just another sport where the tools of the trade are mass produced items that are indifferent to the amazing interaction that surfing embodies. Shapers are the shamans of the tribe. They are the ones who help guide surfing through the wilderness towards the beautiful and away from the processed junk that attempts to overwhelm the modern surfer. The ABS HFF 2011 is our small attempt to bring shapers out into the forefront to receive the accolades they so richly deserve for leading the charge for all of us that love the simple act of sliding down the face of a breaking wave.

Dennis Pang
Ben Aipa
Glenn Miyasaki
Kerry Tokoro
Alan Uehara
Keoki Ching
Danny O’Brien
Eric Howard
George Ku
Mike Tuten
Aloha Boardshop will organize a group of world-class shapers to supply contestants with equipment–
each board builder will shape one fish board (twin-fin and quad).

Reef Hawaiian Pro 2010 Pool Party Video

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

“Breathtaking”, “Genius”, “Boner” words that describe The Reef Hawaiian Pro 2010 Pool Party Video. Marriott Waikiki. Honolulu, HI. Built by CWSK. Nocturnal Sound Krew. Contrast Magazine.

Reef Pool Party Party Party

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

< Photos from the Raging Reef Pool Party at the Marriott. First off we have to thank the sponsors Reef, Red Stripe, 7 Tiki, (thanks for giving away all that cool gear, Shoes, towels, hats, beach mats, love) Contrast (ourselves) and of course SuperCw, Eskae, and the Nocturnal Sound Krew for another EPIC Pool party. Second and most important all the awesome people that came out and raged there fucking faces off. There is an amazing,amazing video coming soon hold on tight. Until then you can check the full photo gallery {here}

Hawaiian Island Creations Waikiki Opens

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

I love Waikiki. I’m addicted to my iPhone. I’m infatuated with Hipstamatic. And, I’ve always dug the Hawaiian Island Creations brand because I worked at that surf shop after high school. So, I wanted do the grand opening of the Hawaiian Island Creations Waikiki store blog post entirely from my iPhone. The following images were captured using Hipstamatic at the HIC Waikiki grand opening cocktail party on Saturday.

Donavon Frankenreiter LIVE @ Billabong Waikiki Store

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Check out Donavon Frankenreiter tomorrow 5/29 at Billabong’s Waikiki Store.  Donny will be performing songs from his newest album Revisited!  The show is FREE to all to enjoy.  So come down, enjoy the jam and get a photo with Donny!  Also stay tuned for a piece on Donavon in Contrast’s next issue.

Goons Of Doom!!!

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

The Goons of Doom came to Hawaii to embark on their volcanic rock tour of Oahu.  Contrast caught up with the Goons at their 1st stop the Volcom Store in Waikiki.  Ozzie was there, Bruce was there, even Barney was there! Check out the video from Sweepingpetals on Contrast Tv click (here)Photos: Kate Adams full gallery (here)