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Reef Pool Party Party Party

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

< Photos from the Raging Reef Pool Party at the Marriott. First off we have to thank the sponsors Reef, Red Stripe, 7 Tiki, (thanks for giving away all that cool gear, Shoes, towels, hats, beach mats, love) Contrast (ourselves) and of course SuperCw, Eskae, and the Nocturnal Sound Krew for another EPIC Pool party. Second and most important all the awesome people that came out and raged there fucking faces off. There is an amazing,amazing video coming soon hold on tight. Until then you can check the full photo gallery {here}


Friday, January 29th, 2010

This past wednesday, I had heard rumors of a Sailor Jerry’s open bar, with GRLFRNDS playing. Whenever I hear open bar, I assume it’s for 15 minutes and I see one free drink, then $8 drinks after that. But, to my surprise, it was free sailor jerry drinks for two straight hours and a lively set by GRLFRNDS to cap off the two hours. For those that don’t know, Sailor Jerry’s Rum recipe is based off a personal recipe of Sailor Jerry that was found in his belongings after he passed away. Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins is most known for his amazing, bold, iconic tattooing and coincidentally, his last tattoo parlor was on Hotel street in Chinatown Honolulu.

Thanks Norm, your rum is delicious.

The drinks were free, but tip your bartenders!

They have equipment that does that for you.

The space that Manifest is at was actually a tattoo parlor back in the day. But not Sailor Jerry’s. In fact, there’s a chance that every space in Chinatown was either a bar or tattoo parlor at one point in history. I just think they’re all haunted.

GRLFRNDS taking the stage!

Did we mention this shit is 92Proof! Eeeeeeeee!

Thanks Manifest, Sailor Jerrys Rum, GRLFRNDS, CW and Mahina for a fun night. I spent $12 (for tips) on 10 drinks. Good times! Even Troy Gomes showed up!