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“Wake up, it’s early in the morning…”

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

If you’re an avid music researcher like myself, finding different ways to acquire music is always exciting (well for me anyway). When SoundCloud.com entered the picture, it changed the game for researchers, listeners, DJs, producers, singers, basically everyone and provided an outlet to be heard.

Suddenly, a band no longer needed a Myspace profile in order for fans to listen to their music.

I think outlets like SoundCloud, Pandora, Reverbnation are great tools that artists and the general public can use in order to be discovered and to discover new music. There are just too many gems of tracks out there that need to be found and talked about. In a way I’ve made that my personal mission to become, as Erykah Badu said, “The Selector.”

So, on that note. This post is an all SoundCloud edition.

Here are my favorite tracks this week

Coincidental that it’s 7:42AM and I’m listening to this track right now? That sample just hits the spot and is very appropriate for the morning. Local producer Mr. Jo$hua (formerly known as JAH$MOOTH) has been MIA lately and after checking his SoundCloud…I immediately knew why. He has been consistently putting out tracks within the past two months, that are straight bangahhsss by the way, and I know that he’s working on something big.

I found out about Mr. Carmack through Lightsleepers’ Beatroot Grand Championships. His style is very versatile and this particular track has a crazy drop that gives me chicken skin when I hear it.

Before I heard this track by local DJ/producer duo, Murder Mainstream, I hadn’t heard the original track by Aesop Rock. Personally, I feel that this remix accents and compliments Aesop Rock’s vocals. I love hearing different remixes of tracks because it shows you what could’ve been done and sometimes the end product sounds better than the original…just sayin’.

Best part of SoundCloud? Free downloads (if the artist permits it!). With that being said you should really download this track by Prolific Unknowns (Big Mox & K-Luv), produced by Pro. Slow. It. Doooowwwwwn.

Normally I associate JerzeyRic with heavy bass tracks, maybe because he bumped his way up to win the Lightsleepers’ Beatroot Grand Championship, but he really showed his range with this track with Kwalified & Melodie Soul and it impressed me. Can’t wait to hear more from him.

Oh man. I already love JAW JAM but DJ SSSolution just reconfirmed my love even more so. Absolutely adore this mix he did.

Once again, this is why I love hearing remixes of songs. Freddie Joachim sampled Corinne Bailey Rae’s original track at the right moment. A friend recommended this guy’s SoundCloud and I can’t stop listening to all his tracks. You won’t either…

Words cannot describe how excited I am that Onra is coming to Hawaii next month, ahem Aug.4 (thanks again Spells!). If you don’t know why please Google him immediately.

Enjoy :)

MJ x MM x REVISE mix…

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

here is a little michael jackson tribute mix revise and murder mainstream sent over… ive seen a bunch of mixes floating around but heres one from the islands… cheepono… c.r.e.a.m. on dat puzzy… stream and download HERE!!!


Murder x Mainstream

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Revise and the boys at Murder x Mainstream Just sent me over their mixtape!! Shit is dope!! get yours for free HERE!!!


Check out their Event @the Loft in February also!!!