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Kelly Slater departs from Quiksilver

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Photo: @alottashibata

Kelly Slater the most iconic surfer ever has parted ways with Quiksilver after a 23 year sponsorship. Quiksilver one of the leading board sports brands has been going through some rough times over the past few years and now this. Today Kelly announced the news in letter thanking the mountain and wave brand for their support. Below he also touches on his reasons to step forward to pursue his next endeavor.

There is little I can say that would give the credit due or cover the debt of gratitude I feel on a personal and professional level to Quiksilver. As a brand and on a human level, they have been a part of my life, career, and personal relationships for more than 23 years now, well over half my life. They’ve supported me through good times and bad, personal hardships and competitive triumphs, and never wavered in backing my choices and desires in all that time. Under the tutelage of Bob McKnight, Bruce Raymond, Alan Green, Pierre Agnes and Danny Kwock (and many others), Quiksilver signed me to a 100% sponsorship deal in 1990, finishing up my amateur career and guiding me into my professional life and adulthood.

Having their support group around the world allowed me to create a life I only dreamt of as a child…making a documentary (Kelly Slater In Black and White) about the start of my professional career, going on boat trips and small charter planes to remote locations I’d likely never see, taking long car rides and promo tours to places I’d otherwise never visit, doing film trips to tropical islands few people have ever seen, etc. There could have been no better partner for me to have than Quiksilver.

The memories I have of joining the team and becoming like brothers with my heroes and team riders Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke-Jones and making lifelong friendships with Stephen Bell and others has fulfilled my life exponentially. There aren’t enough pages or words to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the experiences that have come from this relationship we’ve shared together. So it is with a heavy heart and a lifetime of positive memories that I move in a new chapter of my life.

As I contemplate the amazing opportunities I’ve had in life and the amount of good fortune I’ve encountered along the way, I’m excited to announce today that I’m embarking on a new journey. For years I’ve dreamt of developing a brand that combines my love of clean living, responsibility and style. The inspiration for this brand comes from the people and cultures I encounter in my constant global travels and this is my opportunity to build something the way I have always wanted to.

So I am excited to tell you that I’ve chosen The Kering Group as a partner. They share my values and have the ability to support me in all of my endeavors. I look forward to exploring all of the new opportunities this partnership will provide, but this hasn’t happened by chance, nor has it happened without an incredible amount of work by a few key individuals. As I embark on this new journey, I am sticking to my gut instincts and the belief that your dreams can become reality with the right intentions. I look forward to sharing more about it soon…

- Kelly

Will Ferrell’s counter offer to Robert Redford’s “Raise the River”

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Dec. 14, 2013: Best Billabong Pipe Masters Final Day, ever!

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Three champs crowned all in one, epic day. Congratulations to Three-Times ASP World Champion Mick Fanning, Seven-Times Pipe Master Kelly Slater and Two-Times Vans Triple Crown of Surfing Champ John John Florence!

Jack Johnson x Kelly Slater x Ed Kenney x Kimi Werner featured on Bon Appetit

Thursday, June 20th, 2013


Monday, February 13th, 2012

Kelly Slater

John John vs. Kelly

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Kelly Slater & John John Florence // Ehukai // December 14, 2011 from SURFING Magazine on Vimeo.

A cool, little edit from Sean Lesh and Surfing Magazine.

Surf Skool 4

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Click here to watch the extended version…it’s freakin’ hilarious!!!

Congratulations, Ke11y Slater!

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Kelly, now that you’ve won 11 ASP surfing world championships can you please get us barreled in a wave pool? #chlorinechandelier

20111102-024320 PM.jpg

Quiksilver Cypher Vision

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Quiksilver just released a free short film called Cypher vision.  The camera they used shoots 1000 frames per second.  It’s super high-def and the best parts are the slo-mo.  You can actually see the board flex from nose to tail when they land airs.  Take some magic mushrooms and trip out.

Sleevie Wonder #5

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

Jun Jo always has the freshest everything, i pretty much see him everyday but he always has something dope! the other day he absolutely blew me away with this weird looking board! The Sleevie Wonder #5 Shaped by Kelly Slater. yeah exactly.

its the 5th board hes shaped

its the 5th board hes shaped

craze fin setup

craze fin setup

handles in bigger waves also

handles in bigger waves also