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The #BacardiPoolParty Independence Day Mango Edition goes Big (Island)!

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Hapuna Prince Hotel
Friday, July 4th
62-100 Kauna‘oa Drive
Kohala Coast, HI 96743

Bacardi Pool Party Mango Edition at Hawaiian Monarch Hotel recap video by Chris Balidio

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Bacardi Pool Party Mango Edition @ Monarch Hotel 2014 from ThisIsRNDR on Vimeo.

“If you start out using Mango, it will only lead to more Mango. And then, pretty soon, you’ll need more and more and more and more of the Mango, until there is no more Mango left. Not even for Mango!” –Mango

“Refresh” Wednesdays at Fresh Café Downtown

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

The Same Is Lame - A Message From DJ Compose

“Refresh” is an event that Tina (DJ Anit) and I felt we needed to do. We have been blessed with amazing opportunities and built great relationships with people and places throughout Honolulu and beyond…yet, one thing was missing: our presence in Chinatown.

This is where we started. This is where true culture and art really prospers in Hawaii…and we wanted to come back and contribute to it.

We are grateful to have an opportunity to work with Tiffany Tanaka at Fresh Café, who recently opened up at Chinatown in the old Indigo establishment. I personally spent many, many nights DJing there years ago…so it’s really like a full circle for me. As I was brought up in Chinatown years ago, “Refresh” will feature the new generation of DJ’s, with $$$olution and Debin (Fap Mobb) leading the way. They both have their own sound and vibe, and we are really stoked to have them play with us every week. We also have the support of our good friends at In4mation and Waiola Coconut Water...we couldn’t be more excited about that.

All in all, Tina and I are really looking forward to this new event, and we hope people will come and have a great time with us every Wednesday at “Refresh”.
Join DJ Compose and DJ Anit (C&A) along with DJs $$$olution and Debin for “Refresh” starting tonight and every Wednesday night at Fresh Café Downtown (old Indigo location). 21 and over, no cover and no dress code.

Bacardi Pool Party is back on May 26 at the Hawaiian Monarch Hotel

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Bacardi Pool Party Teaser 2014 from ThisIsRNDR on Vimeo.

Pizza Party Tonight at Fresh Cafe Downtown

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

with DJ Compose spinning
1121 Nu‘uanu Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96817

The 5 W’s with DJ Compose

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

DJ Compose
DJ & RB3Style Hawaii Champion 2012-2013
Twitter: @Compose_Nocboy
Music: soundcloud.com/dj-compose
URL: djcompose.com

Riana: What made you decide to bring out “Can’t Noc The Hustle vol.2?”

DJ Compose: I just never got around to it, honestly…I recently listened to it and thought it was kinda dope, especially hearing some of the artists that wasn’t as well known then as they are now.

What is the “Can’t Noc The Hustle” series? Where did the inspiration draw from?

Clearly it’s a play on one of my favorite artist and songs of all time…”Can’t Knock The Hustle” from Jay-Z. It’s been like my anthem forever. And our whole attitude with the NocBoys was to keep hustling because nothing was ever handed to us…haha that’s kinda deep.

Anyways, the CNTH series is just dope music. Doesn’t necessarily mean the most popular music or trends. Just how I envision a mix you can listen to years later (like this one.)

Why did you choose these particular tracks?

My dude Ges (KnowXOne), who was working at fitted at the time, is a huge hip-hop blog head…he basically gave me a ton of music I wasn’t even on and told me to mess with it. It was a combo of what I was feeling back in 2008 and his forward-thinking influence.

What were your listeners’ reactions to this mix when you released it back in 2008?

This was the tail end of the whole “mixtape” era. I actually printed up a bunch to try to slang at all the stores (those days are lonnnnng gone!) but it was dope…I did get a really good response.

Will you be doing another series like this again in the future?

CNTH. 4 is definitely on my to-do list, for sure! I just gotta get that right vibe together.

Game On with DJ Compose & DJ Anit

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Photo by Trades Hawaii

Super excited to announce this new video series collaboration that my friend Chris Balidio of RNDR and I came up with before the interview with C&A otherwise known as DJ Compose and DJ Anit.

You’ll see them playing Connect Four, one of the most classic games out there, while answering questions about their new mix, “2WORK.” C&A will be celebrating the release of this mix as well as giving out 2WORK hard copies to attendees tomorrow Oct. 18 at Addiction Nightclub.

Special thanks to Eric of Noteworthy for letting us use his shop as our playing grounds. Game on!

The 5 W’s with Jason Mokuahi

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Image by Jonas Maon

Daniel: Who are you at the Queen Kapiolani Hotel?
Kapena Mokuahi: I am the general manager for The Deck Waikiki, which is the bar located on the 3rd floor of the Queen Kapiolani Hotel. Basically, my responsibilities are to make sure the bar operates smoothly on a day-to-day basis and ensure that the patrons enjoy there time at The Deck.

What makes the The Deck Waikiki a sick spot for the Bacardi Pool Party to rage?
I feel The Deck Waikiki is the ideal spot for the Bacardi Pool Party for a few different reasons: 1) for our location in Waikiki and I feel like it’s far enough out of the heart of Waikiki to make it a little easier to get to; 2) the good amount of parking (Honolulu Zoo, down Kapahulu Ave, down Kalakaua Ave, and at The Queen Kapiolani Hotel); and 3) for the pool deck itself. The size of the deck allows a good amount of people to have fun on a pretty secluded pool deck with the best view of Diamond Head in Waikiki.

Diamond Head is such cool backdrop for people’s Instagram pics with the #bacardipoolparty hashtag. Why was the Labor Day pool party cancelled at the Queen Kapiolani Hotel?
No comment.

Fair enough. Where do you think is the best place to hangout during the Bacardi Pool Party?
I think the best place to hangout during the Bacardi Pool Party is definitely in the pool because there’s no better way to beat the heat than in a pool.

When do you suggest Bacardi Pool Party patrons show up to the Queen Kapiolani Hotel on Sunday, Sept. 8?
I think people should get there as soon as they can so they can enjoy the entire day with us.


Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Hawaii’s own DJ Compose placed 3rd in the West Regional of the Red Bull Thre3style in a controversial decision, many credible DJ’s and music industry players alike had DJ Compose as the winner, but the judges saw it differently.

I remember anxiously finding the link to the live stream of his set and thinking, “He killed that.” Unlike his other competitors, DJ Compose had the audience (and random females dancing on stage) eating out of his hand, or turntables in this case. When it was announced that he placed 3rd, Twitter was in an uproar.

We all want to see DJ Compose in the finals. Don’t just vote for one of Hawaii’s best DJ’s but vote for the right DJ to represent our city and our state in the national final.

Voting is open until March 15th, let’s get Hawaii in the Red Bull Thre3Style National Final in LA.

Here are the goods, keep in mind that you can vote as many times as you want:

Link: http://win.gs/3SWC13
Hashtag: #RB3STYLE

Listen to Compose’s set at the RB3Style West Regional in Seattle and tell me that’s not first place material.

Click here for the jump off.

DJ Compose Wins Red Bull Thre3style Hawaiʻi Sub Qualifier

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Red Bull Thre3Style Hawaii from mason rose on Vimeo.

On Friday, Ginza Nightclub played host to the Red Bull Thre3Style sub-qualifier when it returned to Hawaii for the second year. Five local DJs played to a crowd of 700 people in hopes of taking the title of Hawaii’s best party rocker. Competing DJs included Kowai Kowai, Sssolution, DJ Packo, Mike D and defending champion DJ Compose. Compose, member of Hawaii based Nocturnal Sound Krew, was the heavy favorite going into the night and lived up to the expectation. Throwing down a set packed with the right balance of skills, creativity and showmanship, he took the title for the second consecutive year with a unanimous decision from the judges. Local producer and Mike D took second place with Sssolution, also of Nocturnal Sound Krew, taking third.

When Compose took to the decks, it was obvious within the first two minutes that he knew how to work the crowd. Through the duration of his 15-minute set, the entire audience was engaged, throwing their hands up, filling in lyrics and dancing as if it was a pre-choreographed flash mob. It even took Flash, the host for the evening, a full minute to quiet down the crowd to announce the next DJ when he finished his set. When asked how it felt to take the title for the second year, Compose laughed and said, “Momma I made it!” Then in a more serious tone added, “The support was amazing and I can’t thank everyone enough.”

Compose will now advance to the West Coast Regional Qualifier, which will be held in Seattle on February 25. There he will compete against the winners of five additional sub-qualifiers taking place on the West Coast in Las Vegas, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. After that, the top five winners from the Regional Qualifiers (Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, Miami and Philadelphia) travel to Los Angeles on April 5 for the U.S. National Finals. In 2012, Compose narrowly missed the opportunity to compete at the U.S. National Finals when he placed first runner-up at the West Coast Regional Qualifier in Los Angeles.

Red Bull Thre3Style is an innovative concept that gives highly skilled DJs a global platform to showcase their skills, battle and gain notoriety by rockin’ the dance floor. Unlike other DJ battles that are based on solely technical aspects, Red Bull Thre3style has a creative and original format that seeks to find the DJ that has best perfected the true art of rockin’ the party. Competing DJs are given 15 minutes and the challenge to play three different genres of music while keeping the crowd rockin’ on the dance floor. A panel of music industry judges will select the winners based on track selection, creativity, mixing skills, stage presence and crowd reaction. Whoever is named best on the decks gets bragging rights, a prize purse and advances to the next step on the road to the world finals. Event schedule, updates and music from past competitions can be found at http://www.RedBullUSA.com/3Style