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Metronomy-”Everything Goes My Way” (Official Video)

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

I caught myself sneaking in some dance moves the other day just kinda up and around the house, but not the kind of moves you might be accustomed to these days. They incorporated more “fancy footwork” or “ballroom-esque” grooves than I would care to use for any typical 104.3FM jam. Well, it turns out one of my favorite tracks from this summer, Metronomy-”Everything Goes My Way” had just come up on my iTunes. I took a break from grooving, but only to sit down and think about my actions. I arose at not only a personal problem, but almost certainly a missing link in my generation.
Am I an avid dancer? Have I been schooled in any classical form of dance, whether it be ballroom or waltz? No and no. I did find a little comfort though thinking that I can’t be in this “dance-less” boat alone. I wen’t down a list of friends and acquaintances that may be ahead of me in this department, and trust me when I say the tally was rather small. I’ve thought about taking the initiative a few times, trying to convince a friend to join me at learning a “higher” form of dance. It could just come in handy some day, like maybe the next time this song comes on. As I’m writing this, I’m beginning to think that as much as I’d like to think “Everything Goes My Way” can be my new-age ballroom jam/grab your date and woo her with your new-found-skill type of song, it might not cut it as it turns out. Thus, I’m going to search for something that fits, something that I can safely call “Nu-Ballroom” and not misstep or run-over my partner in the process. Wish me luck, and while your at it, check out the music video, Metronomy (the band) isn’t quite dancing, but god knows they want too.

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Warren Smith

Monday, October 25th, 2010

The Aussie hobo-gypsy-hipster rips.
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Photo from surfline.