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808 Speakerbox

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Couple of photos from 808 Speakerbox. It was an event put on by Rianna aka Rudified for the Hip Hop community. Stoked to see passionate people doing things for the right reason. Big ups Girl!

808 SPEAKERBOX Saturday Night

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Text by Aoloa Patao

Riana: 808 SpeakerBox from Christopher Balidio on Vimeo.

The Kickstarter’s been met, the lineup has been set, and what’s not been so public, will no longer be a secret. 808 SPEAKERBOX, a showcase for Hawaii’s Hip-Hop scene (emcees, producers, DJs, and everything in between), is happening this Saturday, January 07, 2012, at Nextdoor and Thirtyninehotel. This has never been done before, but thankfully we have Rudified Media and Sweet Lychee Productions who are putting this event on with the proceeds going to Jus Bone of the Got Rice? Show.

“[I’m] mostly stressed trying to finish everything,” says Rudified, “but when I do see people getting hyped about it, it makes me excited that it’s already around the corner.”

It’s been an arduous journey so far for the two, whether it’d be getting the donations to kick in or the promotion side of it. Or even the fact that they didn’t have a final flyer until last week.

“I’m so relieved that the flyer is done,” says Rudified. “For the past two days, I’ve been posting up flyers in Chinatown, Ala Moana, Pearlridge, etc., and it just makes me understand and grow a huge appreciation for Bone because he does this all by himself.”

At one point, Rudified was thinking that this event might not even take place. There was less than a week left for their Kickstarter, and they hadn’t even made half of their $3,000 goal.

“We had finals that week and I couldn’t even focus,” says Rudified. “I was so consumed with the Kickstarter, just watching the numbers go up and down, and when it finally reached $3000, a day earlier than the actual due date, I was ecstatic. I called [Sweet Lychee], screaming and it just so happened that she was in town so we had a celebratory lunch at JJ Dolan’s.

Everyday that the event comes more nearer, the girl-duo really have no time to waste. While everyone was passing the champagne bottle around and getting their midnight kisses in on New Year’s Eve, Rudified and Sweet Lychee were busy working on the details for 808 SPEAKERBOX.

808 Speakerbox Saturday 01/07/12 at Next Door and ThirtyNineHotel from Variant Films on Vimeo.

“808 SPEAKERBOX came up on us pretty fast since it was after the holidays,” explains Rudified, “so we really had to push and hustle this week. We’ve been also working on the set list since it’s pretty massive and trying to work out time slots for all the performers as well as dealing with the vendors.”

If you donated to 808 SPEAKERBOX’s

Kickstarter, the crew will be having a celebratory party at Loft in Space at Fresh Café on January 12th where you can pick up your awards. Tickets for this Saturday are only $10 and will only be sold at the door, so if you want to avoid lines to this double-venue event, come early–it starts at 7 PM so there’s no excuse. Support your local Hip-Hop scene, and be a part of history.

Crack Open Your Piggy Bank:

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

808 SPEAKERBOX still needs your help

Text by Aoloa Patao

We’re in the final hours before Rudified Media and Sweet Lychee Productions’ Kickstarter for their event 808SPEAKERBOX is closed.

“The Kickstarter officially ends on Dec. 10 at 1AM Hawaii time,” says Rudified.

There may be 50 hours left when you read this, or one hour, but what’s most important is that there isn’t a lot of time to help contribute to an event, which in turn, will showcase many of Hawaii’s hip-hop talent to unseen eyes and unheard ears, whether it be rappers, producers, or DJs.

“You really have nothing to lose,” says Rudified. “I always like to think of it [as] an investment. All those mainstream artists had to start somewhere and without the support of their community and fans, they wouldn’t have gotten to where they are now.

“These are Hawaii artists, and by supporting them, we are helping creativity in Hawaii flourish. Who doesn’t want to support that?”

Their last push for donations is an event this Friday. The event, “Stereo Hearts,” will be held at the Loft in Chinatown, and will feature some of Hawaii’s talent, being the location of Parlous’ mixtape release party as well. Adding some Filipino flavor to the “fundie” will be Rudified’s mother, also known as, Mutha Vicky.

“I decided to bring out the big guns,” says Rudified, “so [Mutha Vicky] will be cookin’ up some Filipino dishes and you can also take a photo with her—all the proceeds will go to the Kickstarter.”

Rudified and Sweet Lychee have experienced much highs and lows with this project. At first, all was super: they had just created this project, and people started talking—word had got out that an event where Hawaii’s hip-hop scene would finally get its own, one-of-a-kind event. Then it got a little hard on the two as days would go by, and no money was seen being donated as they worked their tails off. But suddenly, there’s been a push so great, that reaching their $3,000 goal seems plausible.

“It feels very surreal,” explains Rudified. ” I’ll wake up in the morning and see that people are donating, and it seriously makes me feel happy like a kid on Christmas morning. Two days ago, I was so worried and discouraged that we weren’t getting anything. I expressed how I felt on Twitter, and then all of a sudden people started donating, and now I just feel that the goal is achievable.”

Here’s your chance to make a difference. Here’s your chance to help an artistic cause not only in the hip-hop and music scene, but in the art scene as a whole, too.

“We don’t have a huge team of people to help us out,” says Rudified, “but the people that do help us out on the regular like our friends Gums and the Workhouse guys—we’re so grateful to have them. We want to put on this event for Hawaii’s hip-hop scene. It’s going to be huge and I really do believe in our hip-hop community, which is the main reason why we created 808SPEAKERBOX.”

Let’s get it to $3,000, grab a hammer, and whack the hell out of Piggy!


Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Text Aoloa Patao

Images Rudified Media

In the second installment of the 808SPEAKERBOX preview, we take a look at the three DJs that will perform on Jan. 7, 2012. Rudified Media and Sweet Lychee Productions are still in need of monetary donations on their Kickstarter website in order to make this event possible, and there is 8 days left.

DJ Revise:

Hip Hop is important in our local scene because of the heavy history Hawaii has during the early years of the scene.  A lot us came up during the early 90’s, but only because of the heads throwing events and giving avenues to expand and grow our skills to take it to the next level, especially nowadays with Local MC’s, producers, bboys/bgirls, graff heads, DJ’s, doing work and reppin’ Hawaii outside the island. So it’s a very needed thing you folks at 808SPEAKBOX are doing to raise awareness of the scene and hopefully help build it back up along with the current heads currently doing work.”

DJ Packo:

“It’s important for every artist, local or universal, to understand that we are all a part of a bigger image. We should express the self creatively and harmoniously in attempts to rise together, yet on separate pathways, while in a conscious state of knowing that every trail circles back to the convergence of well being and humanity.”

DJ Delve:

“I feel like hip-hop is important, not only in Hawaii, but globally overall because it provides an immediate voice of the streets and the youth. Our living on islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean gives us the unique perspective of not being on the West, East coasts or the South, but to able to take influences from all these places and make it our own style.”

808SPEAKERBOX has currently raised $1,135 of their $3,000 goal. There’s less than a week left, so donate and help your local hip-hop scene take it to the next level.