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Airport Art: Fitted x Pow! Wow! x Hawaiian Airlines

September 9th, 2014

Images: Jonas Maon

Honolulu Airport got a lot more visually stimulating with the Fitted x Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i x Hawaiian Airlines collaborative art project. The largest airlines based out of Hawai‘i, upped their “street cred” by decking out their ground service equipment in custom paint jobs by some of Honolulu’s most well recognized artists and designers. For four days, the Hawaiian Airlines maintenance facility was filled with the low hiss and metal gurgle of spray cans as the vehicles were adorned with brightly-colored “street” art. Contrast caught up with Fitted Hawai‘i Production Manager and Senior Graphic Designer Jared Johnston a.k.a. JJ Parkz to hear about their artistic process for this giant project.

JJ Parkz: Who initiated the art project and what was the scope of it?

It’s funny because if I’m not mistaken, I believe it started as a joke between Kamea and a Hawaiian Airlines special projects representative. Both Pow! Wow! Hawaii and FITTED have great relationships with HA and we were lucky enough for them to allow us the opportunity of executing these types of special projects. Scope? One of my biggest art career opportunities to date.

How long did this art project take and how many cans of paint did you use?

Four full work days… Monday through Thursday and a lot of good lunches provided by our buddy “Gooch” over at Lunchbox. A lot of the base coats were applied using the actual vehicle sprayer in the Hawaiian Airlines paint booth. After that, a couple buckets for the catering truck and a few cans of each green for the Island Camo did the job.

Who were the crews and homies apart of the project?

Kamea Hadar (Pow Wow | Portrait Extraodanaire), Jasper Wong (Pow Wow | Caricature Artist) , Jeff Gress (Pow Wow | Font Master), Defer (OrIginal Font Expertise), Christina Shayne (fellow FITTED designer), Ola Nakaʻahiki (FITTED owner), and also some help from Kaleena (our newest member of the FITTED Ohana) and brother JP (The Green).

Where were you guys painting at?

We were amazingly blessed to have free use of the Hawaiian Airlines maintenance facility directly on the far end of the Tarmac. They did a great job of taking care of us and their whole staff was really supportive. Shouts to all of the required ‘escorts’ who dealt with our bathroom breaks! Haha!

Where can people see the collaboration?

Fly Hawaiian.

What was the backstory on the artwork that was selected for the project?

It was an amazing project because of the variety of styles brought by the different artist parties. On one side of the catering truck you’ll find an amazing portrait of Bailee Naka’ahiki, painted by Kamea Hadar who specializes in portraits, dressed in a uniquely stylized haku lei by Defer. On the other side, you’ll find a beautifully complimenting “tiger camo” collaboration between Gress and Defer. The three smaller cars (Plane Tug, Belt Loader, and Luggage Cart) were dressed in FITTED’s “ʻĀina Camo” pattern. Lastly, all vehicles were accented with a vibrant safety orange. The “ʻĀina Camo” pattern, a motif comprised of all eight Hawaiian Islands, was chosen as a way to represent Hawaii, our home, as well as to be a juxtaposition to the many safety regulations and precautions on the Tarmac. By executing brightly colored camouflage (usually is utilized to conceal it wearer) vehicles that can be seen from as far as the eye can see, it was an interesting way for us to provide function while adding an unconventional aesthetic through our design. Shouts to fellow FITTED family member, Eric Newhouse, for creating our now staple ”ʻĀina Camo” pattern.

Why did you want to be involved with this project?

I actually only agreed so I could eat the free lunches throughout the week… I guess the amazing line up of artists, the opportunity to work with a world renowned airlines on a first project of it’s kind, and the chance to represent my FITTED Ohana was just a plus… Haha!

When did you know that you were into graffiti?

It’s been 9 years since I’ve first touched paint to a wall. I’ve always been the one to get in trouble for doodling in class as a kid. It was natural for me to progress in art any way possible. My friends were always into graffiti for as long as I can remember, spending the week nights and weekends destroying anything they could. It wasn’t long before I got stuck on one of their missions and became instantly intrigued. Within a few weeks of my first experience, I found myself spending evenings in the ditches. It has taught me so many lifelong lessons.

How often do you get to paint these days?

Unfortunately, it’s rough for me to find time these days. Working long hours in the office doing art on the computer makes it hard for me to pack a bag of paint and hike up to a spot on my off time. I’ve been so focused on handling business now so I can enjoy more free time activities, like graffiti, sooner in life.

How did that experience with graf-art help you in this project?

I feel like anyone who’s taken graffiti seriously at some point understands the positive things it can offer you. From small help with art elements such as color, composition, letter structure, etc., to bigger lessons such as how to work with other artists and problem solve your art on a whim. It’s one of the ultimate forms of freedom and expression through art. Graffiti wasn’t always positive throughout my experiences, but it led me to where I’m at now and I’ll forever be grateful for that.

Talk Story with Dr. Isaiah Walker at Surfer The Bar tomorrow night at 8:30pm

September 9th, 2014

Dr. Isaiah Helekunihi Walker,
author of “Waves of Resistance: Surfing and History in Twentieth-Century Hawai‘i”
8:30 p.m.
Surfer The Bar,
Turtle Bay Resort
57-091 Kamehameha Hwy
Kahuku, HI 96731
(808) 293-6000

Things I Want.

September 8th, 2014

Please Call Key
Useless, until it’s not. Most people will go a little out of their way to help return a lost set of keys. Make it easy on anyone who comes across yours with a personalized Please Call Key. Precision cut from durable type 260 brass and engraved to a depth of .005″ to ensure your mobile number is legible for years to come. Natural tumbled finish will darken with use.

Highflyer Swing
There is something about swings that sparks joy and humour into children and adults alike. The Highflyer swing captures the essence of this feeling. The soft curves and shape takes cues from vintage aeroplanes, whilst the beautiful grain of the timber and double braided rope complement and contribute to the softness of the form. Highflyer is precision machined from a range of hardwoods to suit either indoor or outdoor applications and is designed and made in Australia.

Reclaimed Tropical Walnut Tool Box
Is this the nicest toolbox you’ve ever seen? I’d wager a guess that is is, and that you wouldn’t want to hide this box away on dusty shelf in the garage. Made with Nogal wood (a.k.a. Tropical Walnut), each toolbox is made by skilled Nicaraguan craftsmen and features comb joints and an interior tray for smaller items. The tray and lid slot easily through the handle for a clean, streamlined look.

Happy Monday

September 8th, 2014

Have a great week!

#AhaKaiAloha 2014 Results

September 6th, 2014

Aha Kai Aloha from Kahoku Videoproductions on Vimeo.

‘Aha Kai Aloha is a one-day Hawaiian cultural surfing that took place on Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014 at Kūhio Beach Park in Waikīkī. TheLiving Life Source Foundation hosted this dawn-to-dusk celebration, bringing together youth, local communities and visitors to honor Hawai`i’s most practiced pastime: he‘e nalu (wave sliding). Below is a list of full results:

Intermediate Shortboard Under-12:
1) Michael Von Hohenstein
2) Jon Van Hohenstein
3) Haley Otto
4) Taylor Rojas
5) Kailey Bogart
6) Tiki Willis

Intermediate Longboard Under-12:
1) Tiki Willis
2) Ayla Love Sprecker
3) Haley Otto
4) Kailey Bogart
5) Cloe Chester
6) Taylor Rojas

Intermediate Shortboard Over-13:
1) Cayla Moore
2) Makani Walker
3) Charlie Akao
4) Kuio Young
5) Paliku Victorino
6) Nathan Hester

Intermediate Longboard Over-13:
1) Maui Zak
2) Benny Ferris
3) Kahia Walker
4) Julian Williams
5) Joshua Chester
6) Taylor Rojas

Adult Shortboard Over-25:
1) Kahi Pacarro
2) Isaiah Walker
3) Kuio Young
4) Marcello Teixeira
5) Kaimaru Kiato
6) Kekaula Campbell

Adult Longboard Over-25:
1) Laakea Davis
2) Pono Campbell
3) Kekaula Campbell
4) Kaulu Kauwe
5) JR Moreno
6) Thompson Enos

1) Raymond Shito
2) Josephy Gaynor
3) Bob Van Dyke
4) Lori Zaynor
5) Isaiah Walker
6) Corbin Peleiholani

1) Benny Ferris
2) Scott McMurry
3) Kahi Pacarro

Bacardi Pool Party Recap Round 1 of Fun

September 5th, 2014

Photos by @fuckinghonolulu Another magical pool party for the books. Big ups to SuperCW and Compose for putting it together. Dj Beefowl x Dj Anit x Coleco x DJZilla x DjJem all brought some delicious tunes to gyrate too. Enjoy the photo recap! Bon Apetit


September 4th, 2014

2014 Monster Children Photo Competition.

September 3rd, 2014

Monster Children is one of our favorite magazines and Kelton and Erin at MC have reminded us that their annual photo competition is now accepting entries. In its fourth year, the Annual Monster Children Photo Competition has established itself as one of the most highly regarded youth culture photography competitions in the world, with past finalists that include Todd Glasser, Chris Burkard, Andrew Peters, Laura Austin and Morgan Maassen.

Professional and amateur photographers are invited to submit entries to win a share of $25,000 (AUD) in prize money with the winner’s and finalist’s work to be featured in the global edition of the 2014 Monster Children Photo Annual magazine as well as the Sydney and New York City photo annual exhibitions.

Categories include:

There is a $5 cost per image submission (excluding the Student Category which is free) and the file/s submitted must be under 2MB. Entries must be submitted by Thursday, September 18.

TO ENTER Visit Monster Children’s Photo Competition website:

Photo by: Mark Trzopek

Photo by: Daniel Benson

Photo by: Morgan Maassen

For more information about Monster Children, visit their website: monsterchildren.com

#OluKai Giveaway!

September 3rd, 2014

Want to win this pair of OluKai Hikina sandals? Quickly scroll through your phone gallery and choose a photo of where you’d want them to take you. Email that photo to: contests@olukai.com. The most interesting photos will be posted on Contrast blog and a winner will be chosen next week Aloha Friday. The sandals will then be shipped to the winner in their preferred size.


RIP Nicky da B

September 3rd, 2014

And a genuine mahalo nui for the #ExpressYourself hashtag.