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May 28th, 2011

I’m sure you’ve heard, but in case you’ve been living on Mars, TheJumpOff.com is presenting this Sunday’s, Bacardi Pool Party at the Mariott Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa. TheJumpOff.com, which was created by 21-year-old, Jason Pollak, is a new social networking website that looks promising.

“Basically [you’re] taking the best features from Facebook and Twitter, and using them to organize where you’d like to go out,” says Pollak who is from New York. “It finds what’s happening in your area with live pictures from the people and from promoters. It’s a surf report for partying.”

Taking a look at the website, you wouldn’t think that this concept would be constructed in Hawaii. But that’s far from the truth—Hawaii was the perfect place.

“We started on February 1st in Hawaii, and it’s the perfect area because Hawaii, it’s a small place, a lot of people, and only a select of fun things to do, so Hawaii was the first place for TheJumpOff,” explains Pollak.

And what better way to present your website, and showcase what the website is capable of doing than the Bacardi Pool Party. Yeah, TheJumpOff.com could’ve presented a party at one of the numerous nightclubs, but a pool party in the early afternoon like the Bacardi Pool Party sounded more jumpoffishy.

“We love the pool party there,” says Pollak. “Eskae and CW get the best group of people, and I lived in Hawaii for four years, and that pool party is by far my favorite party. It rages—it is TheJumpOff kind of party.”

In the middle of June, you can expect TheJumpOff.com’s phone app to come out on the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry markets so you can refrain from only using the website’s feature via web. This will undoubtedly help TheJumpOff.com become recognized and utilized nationally and internationally.

Hopefully you can make it to the Bacardi Pool Party, but if you can’t, check the posts on TheJumpOff.com!

-Loa Patao

CWSK Bacardi Pool Party from Sharks & Rays on Vimeo.

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