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Olivia at Fresh Cafe

March 28th, 2010

To this day Justin Abilla will not give me a free Olivia sticker. Serves me right for being the cheapskate that I can be sometimes. But still, its the principal, and its just a sticker! C’mon man! Anyway, homeboy Cavan of the now resurrected, Pettyfords, thru me a text that NSU boyz, Olivia was playing a show this past friday at Fresh Cafe, I could not pass up the opp to sneak in and catch the show. I used the ol’ i’m on my cell phone and walking in really fast trick, and dodged the $8 cover. The vibe was great, reminiscent of the X-Factory, sans ska-punk kids, all replaced by nu-hardcore kids. The kids still love pop punk! Olivia was almost in original cast, some new guy I didnt recognize was playing Gabe’s parts, he was busting some madonna airs so he got a pass. Was great to see Christian dwarfing the drumset as usual, Reid was all veiny neck but without Jew fro, and Justin had a dumb red crooked out Padres fitted on. It was a lot of fun and Olivia still sounds tighter than ever!

The song above is one of my faves, dont know the title but I like to think its about drop kneeing at Ehukai. Remember that sick drop knee centerfold spread Christian had in Bodyboarder Mag, I think he was using a t&c mini pro too?! craze!

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