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fear of flying

February 25th, 2010

Here’s a short text interview with Nicky Savage while he was anxiously waiting at LAX for his flight to Honolulu to play The Academy of Art’s ArtAfterDark this Friday. The theme is Mad for Modern, with exhibit “From Whistler to Warhol: Modernism of Paper.”

Contrast: This is your second music-related trip to Hawaii, what were your experiences last trip? What are you looking forward to?

Nicky Savage: It’s been quite amazing so far. Between the people, food and beautiful scenery it’s always hard to leave once I get there. I’m really looking forward to getting this plane trip over with. I’m scared to death of flying!

C: What should people expect music-wise?

NS: I want to play some nu disco fun music with some surprises. But who knows where the crowds energy will take the music.

C: You’re of Ecuadorian decent, do you listen to any Ecuadorian music?

NS: As a producer I try to listen to as much music as possible. I really enjoy Ecuadorian music, but especailly Inca music.

C: Your day job is hustling kicks at Blends in Costa Mesa, what are some of your favorite recent shoes?

NS: I’m really into what Adidas is doing with their high-end stuff. They did a collaboration with Porter that was really cool. Also Vans Vault and the BlendsxConverse are awesome.

C: The crowd at AAD is more mature and art-focused than your usual wildin’ out scenester audience. How do you plan to deal with that? (ie. How many Velvet Underground/Police remixes do you have?)

NS: (Haaha) I don’t have too many! Fleetwood Mac and Bel Biv Devoe could be in the mix. I really enjoy playing good, fun music that makes people smile and dance. If I can do that, and bring a little something new to the table, that would be amazing.

C: Cool. Have a safe flight.

NS: Thanks.

-A half an hour later-

NS: We are going to be delayed. They’re fixing something on the plane. I’M FREAKING OUT MAN!

**update: Nick’s flight ended up being delayed five hours and included an electrical black out while on the runway and a plane switch, says Nicky, “Horrible traveling experience, but there was a group of 30 Chinese nationals raving in the back of the plane for the last three hours of the flight. I was delusional by that point. I felt like Johnny Depp in the last 45 minutes of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. ”

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