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1908 or 2008?

July 21st, 2008

Good luck getting a Tsing Tao, Kobes!

From The Shanghaiist:

The South China Morning Post has reported that bar owners in Beijing were asked to refuse service to black patrons. The article reports:

Bar owners near the Workers’ Stadium in central Beijing say they have been forced by Public Security Bureau officials to sign pledges agreeing not to let black people enter their premises. “Uniformed Public Security Bureau officers came into the bar recently and told me not to serve black people or Mongolians,” said the co-owner of a western-style bar, who asked not to be named.

Damn!! That’s coooold blooded shit. Poor Mongolians, they make good beef and they can’t get a drink.

In completely unrelated info…I had to add on to Lance’s secret spot photos…who says O’ahu is crowded?

I could tell you where, but nah. I no like. Sandbars for miles.

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