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The 5 W’s with Ezekiel Lau

August 27th, 2012

Ezekiel “Zeke” Lau
Professional Surfer
Location: Kewalo Basin on the South Shore of Oahu
Sponsors: Volcom, Arnette, Body Glove, Nixon, Dakine, Fitted, Jeff Bushman Surfboards, New Era
Twitter: @zekelau

Jason: Who are your Top 5 favorite musical artists and songs that get you in the mood?

Zeke: Wiz Kahlifa “Work Hard, Play Hard” along with the whole “Taylor Alderdice” album, Drake “No Lie” featuring 2 Chains, Tyga “I’m On One” remix, 50 Cent “God Gave Me Style” and the whole “Curtis” album and The Game “One Blood” along with “The Doctor’s Advocate,” “The Red Album,” “The Documentary” and all of his mix tapes.

What is the biggest misconception that people have about you?

Sometimes I feel my personality is misinterpreted because I’m so competitive by nature. If I see something that gets me into competition mode then my mind and body just clicks on, and people who don’t know me well get the wrong vibe so I guess people take it as if I’m angry but I’m not. I know when to switch it off, I’ve learned to strive hard and focus for things that I want and I go for it with all that I’ve got but at the same time I know when to switch it off. There often is the stereotype of being an angry because I’m Hawaiian because of the stories that people hear about Hawaii or by the way that I look and perceived that I may just want to scrap everyone or being a punk really sucks because some people just expect you to be like that. Then I could get upset about it and then become that person, but I just focus to control that and let it go. I know who I am and that’s not me and they’ll learn.

Where has surfing taken you so far this year and then through the rest of 2012?

Since I’ve graduated in June earlier this year I’ve been to California for the NSSA Interscholastic Championships in Laguna Niguel to represent Kamehameha in which we took 4th place overall. That’s the best we’ve done as a team and everyone did really well! I then headed up to Huntington Beach for the NSSA Nationals in which I won the Open Men’s and Explorer Men’s divisions but the try highlight of that trip was being awarded the Andy Irons Memorial Award by the NSSA especially because this was my last event as an amateur so it was great way to go out.

I then flew out to Jeffery’s Bay in South Africa which has been one of the travel highlights so far. It took 2 full days of flying to get there but once I arrived it was worth it! J-Bay is a dream wave and I’ve looked forward to surfing it my whole life and when I arrived it was pumping! I competed in the ASP 6* Billabong Pro in which I finished equal 3rd place overall in the event.

From South Africa I headed to the “Land of the Rising Sun”. I flew out to Japan for the ASP 4* Billabong Tahara Pro which was cool cause I haven’t been back to Japan since I was really young. The food is good and the people are cool and it makes up for the the small waves. I think my stoke for Japan helped me to come away with the win and my best result so far this year.

After that I flew back to California for the US Open in Huntington for promotions and autograph signings for Volcom, Arnette and Body Glove. It was a short trip before heading right out to Nicaragua for an Arnette Surf Team trip with Josh Kerr, Mason Ho and Chippa Wilson. It was my first time down there and the waves were pretty fun. There wasn’t an event down there which was a nice change of pace, we just went down to shoot photos and film which I really enjoy.

I’m off to Virginia Beach for an ASP 6*. Yup Virginia Beach I guess there’s waves there, it will be my first trip over there and I’m interested to see what all the hype is all about. I heard it’s a mini US Open and the waves are small and the girls are wild. I’m always down to travel to new places.

Shortly after that contest wraps up I’ll be heading down to Indonesia with Dusty Payne and Alex Gray and the Volcom team to go and score some perfect waves! I love Indo, it’s gotta be one of my favorite places in the world. I’m most excited for this trip cause it’s been a few years since I’ve been down on a boat trip and I just want to surf good waves.

My last trip will be in October to Bali for the ASP Oakley World Junior Championships. This contest always has some of the most rippable waves to compete in and I’ll head down there with my boy Keanu Asing. That contest doesn’t even feel like one because it’s so laid back there and the waves are sick!

I will finish up my year in Hawaii with the 4* HIC Pro and I’m excited to defend my title! I never had to defend a title before so it will be a good warm up for the Triple Crown. I’m looking forward to competing at Haleiwa and Sunset Prime events again and I’m working to better my results from last year.

2012 will be an unforgettable one and I’m thankful for the support of my family, my sponsors, my coaches, management and friends. It’s because of this solid support crew that helps me to work hard and focus on my goals.

Why are you proud to represent Hawai’i to the world through surfing?

I’m proud to represent Hawai’i through surfing because attending Kamehameha Schools taught me everything about my culture and how special it is to be born of Hawaiian ancestry. There is a big difference of being a native Hawaiian and just growing up in Hawai’i and I am blessed to be both. I think it’s really cool that something my ancestors did as a cultural practice is actually a sport. Now professional surfing is my job and its taking me around the world and allowing me to fulfill my dreams all the while I get to see the other cultures of the world first hand and share the Aloha spirit.

When did you become closer to the Lord through church?

My grandfather is a pastor and I grew up attending church since I was very young. My whole family attends church service and it’s really helped me and my sisters to make the right choices in life. It’s a really comfortable feeling knowing that I’m always being looked upon and to have his guidance to live right is important to me. He’s helped me to achieve all of the great things that I have and will continue to in the future!

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