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Interisland Terminal’s R&D hosts Steve Barilotti tonight

October 20th, 2011

Thursday / Oct20 / 6:30pm / Free

In over a decade as Surfer Magazine’s editor-at-large, photojournalist Steve Barilotti has made it his business to document the sport, art, and lore of surfing. In addition to critical journalism about surf culture (the good and the bad), he has written books on renowned surf photographers such Art Brewer and the hugely popular LeRoy Grannis—Birth Of A Culture (Taschen, 2007).

In the last five years “Barlo” has veered into screenwriting and producing surf-related documentaries, including the Emmy-award-winning Kokua and Wave of Compassion.

You must practice the craft to authentically and intelligently write about it: Barlo about to get barreled. Image by Rob Gilley.

Steve will be talking about his work with Surf photographer LeRoy Grannis, current projects, and Minds in the Water, a documentary he wrote and produced, which is screening at HIFF on Saturday, October 22 at 6 p.m.

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