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Erik Spiekermann on Typography

Friday, April 29th, 2011

His metaphors are so on point… And he has so many of them! You can feel his passion for typography. So inspiring.

“The reason I’m saying this is not because I want things aesthetically nicer, but to make communication more open… That’s what designers should be doing. Designers should be out there breaking things open.”


Polaroid x 4

Friday, April 29th, 2011

(Click on image to enlarge)

More polaroids taken with my SX-70.

Have a great weekend!

Stussy x Marvel

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

This past weekend Stussy partnered with Marvel Comics for the “Ultimate Teamup” collection, artshow and event. Check the event recaps with DJ Pete Rock on Hypebeast and High Snobiety. For the week leading up to the event, they setup a throwback newstand at Meltdown Comics in LA. Among the Marvel comics, they also included Contrast in their magazine selections along side Vice, Lodown, Complex, Nylon, Sneeze and Heavy Metal. Thanks!

The paintings of Holton Rower

Thursday, April 28th, 2011


Williams British Handmade

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

When I’m ballin’ out of control and I become an official jet-setter, this is going to be first on my shopping list.

“Historically exceptional craftsmanship was the norm; now it is the exception. Williams British Handmade is designed to challenge this statement by utilizing regional historical craftsmanship and metamorphosizing the traditional in order to produce a collection of original fashion artifacts.” -Williams British Handmade


Big Island Boys With Big Dreams: Sean and Travis

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

By Aoloa Patao

TRAVIS & CANVAS from Sean Silva on Vimeo.

For a documentary class in the ACM (Academy for Creative Media) program at UH Manoa, Sean Silva wanted to do a piece on someone who he knew really well, and the creative process of the work that someone had immersed him or herself in. His good friend, Travis Sasaki, from his hometown, Kailua-Kona, was the perfect candidate.

Travis Sasaki, also known as DJ Saki—the new programming director for KTUH Radio—is a Bachelor of Fine Arts major at UH Manoa. Maybe you’ve seen some of Sasaki’s art on the streets. What started as a documentary about Sasaki and his role at KTUH, shortly turned into a documentary about his art entitled, Travis & Canvas.

“I felt like the overall process of photographing his art and everything would be a much more empathetic and artistic experience,” Silva explains. “And that I could learn things from him. It was and I did.”

How he went about this came easy. He had the right guy, his camera, and the concept. “[I] tried to tell a little bit of a story, get inside of his head, and do it in the most subjective way, so that the audience can see it from his point of view, but really it’s seeing it from mine, and then seeing it from his.”

For Sasaki, it was a little more difficult. “I’ve never seen myself talk about my own art like that. I’m not used to having to talk about my stuff.” But it was comforting knowing that one of his best friends was making the video.

For Darieus Legg’s film, Ecila, Sasaki was asked by Robert Campbell, the film’s producer, about seven days prior to the opening, to paint a piece that would be featured at the after party at SoHo Mixed Media Bar. This was no piece of cake painting—the dimensions of the canvas was a huge14X22 feet.

“I think Robert [Campbell] called me six or seven days before it needed to be done, and told me what he wanted me to do,” says Sasaki. “I had like five nights to work on it; I couldn’t work in the daytime ‘cause I had school and stuff.”

Before becoming the programming director at KTUH, he had his 12-week training program as a DJ, then got a slot as a DJ, and was basically trying to get his foot in the door. But when the director before him left, it was a good opportunity for him to step his contribution up.

“The guy who was the programming director before me, we were friends, so when he left, he was hoping I’d take it, ‘cause I was pretty personable, so he thought I was a good candidate, so I just did it.”

But now that he’s the programming director at KTUH, has his weekly “Supersonic Sound Wave” show on Sunday nights from 6-9 PM, and is still working on his craft as an artist, juggling them all can be tough.

“It’s very difficult,” Sasaki explains. “It’s such a one mind frame: taking care of school business, art side mind frame. Then there’s this whole other side to it where it’s kind of like business: there’s a lot of paper work, and a lot of, not herding of people, but guiding all the DJs, and maintaining the station.”

Just like Sasaki, Silva too, wants to continue his craft. “I just want to see where it can take me, I definitely want to make a career out of it. Definitely if I, it sounds pretty corny, but as long as I have a camera, I’ll be stoked.”

There’s no reason why both of these guys can’t have a successful career in their specific crafts. They’ve got some game. Please do see it in this short documentary. Enjoy!

celebrating 125 years with coca-cola

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

2011 marks the 125th anniversary of the iconic brand, Coca-Cola. Varga girls are featured on Coca-Cola’s commemorative 330ml cans to pay tribute to the rich heritage of the brand and its prominent role in history.


Toro Y Moi / Soundcheck HNL

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

It was a little after six in the evening, yesterday April 23rd, and we were at Nextdoor in Downtown Honolulu. Toro Y Moi was on stage doing a soundcheck in preparation for their show later that night and our little Contrast team was lucky enough to sit in. Thanks Matt and Ara! It was getting dark out…and as the light slowly left us, the sound got better and better. By sunset, everyone was confident that the show would be a success. And it was. Nextdoor reached its capacity by 11pm, and when I left all I saw was sweat and smiles as Chaz shook hands with everyone and anyone who came out to see them perform. ‘Til next time Toro Y Moi…thank you for stopping by.

blues, browns, and magentas

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

(Click on image to enlarge)

I was hoping to get out and shoot some polaroids this weekend, but I’ve been stuck at home working on my final project for my English class. Instead, I ended up taking a few random shots around the house after work on Friday.

Happy Easter!

Toro Y Mix

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

To get you vibed out for the show tonight, DJ Capecod put together a collection of Toro y Moi jams. Play it in your car as you cruise around on this beautiful day. Download HERE.

Toro Y Moi w/ Clones of the Queen and Painted Highways
43 North Hotel Street
(808) 548-6398
$20 at the door. Doors open 9pm.