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John Cardiel
In 2003 while on a skate trip in Brisbane, Australia, legendary skateboarder John Cardiel (1992 Thrasher Skater of the Year) took an untimely fall while running alongside a van in their entourage. John suffered a major spinal cord injury and was told that it was likely he would never walk again. Deeming the diagnosis unacceptable, John was determined to prove the doctors wrong. In just five months, by sheer will John regained the use of his legs and has been defying medical science ever since. 
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  Aaron De La Cruz
The balance between positive and negative space can be a frustrating battle for many artists, but not for San Francisco-based Aaron De La Cruz. De La Cruz instinctively lays contrasting lines on “white” like water filling a network of straws. His fluid technique is inspirational to witness and the process itself helped to bring recognition to his work. Read more…

Ken Goto    

Ken Goto
Drawn to San Francisco’s skate culture, photographer Ken Goto moved from Tokyo, Japan to The City by the Bay in ’97. Only knowing a bit of English, the transition wasn’t seamless, but through skateboarding he quickly picked up the language. “I knew basic English from school and learned more from hanging out with my skater homies,” remembers Goto. Along with his English, he also developed his photographic skills capturing SF’s finest rolling up and down the city streets. Read more…


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